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Fake job ads: How to report them?

In recent years, recruitment agencies and employers have become increasingly adept at posting fake job advertisements. As a result, they charge interview fees repeatedly without recruiting them as a result. Due to this, we need your strong support to uncover the real face behind such an advertisement you have ever seen online. As a result, it is nearly impossible for us to determine whether the following job advertisement is genuine or fake. There is no way for us to be aware of everyone. Therefore, we kindly request that you report any such job advertisements to the following email address.

What is the problem with this job offer?

It is requested that you provide us with a valid reason.

Please give us 12 hours after that to remove them from This prompt response is possible every day but Friday and Sunday. On Friday and Sunday, it will take a bit longer to take the necessary step. So, kindly exercise patience.

Please be aware that if your report ad is authorized, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please send us a report via email with the appropriate subject line; we’d appreciate it. Please get in touch with us.

Subject: Please specify “Ad Report” in the subject of email.
Email CV: